Zabeel Equestrian Office

Established in 2012, Zabeel Equestrian Office (ZEO) maintains the organization at the highest level – giving the equestrian stables the best support possible to create champions in our racing community. ZEO supports all behind the scenes efforts of the sports from Finance, HR, Procurement, Administration, Facility  Management, Marketing and Public Relations.

Endurance Racing as its name suggests, a contest of stamina and resilience as horse and rider cover great distances.

Zabeel Equestrian Office manages several Endurance Stables such as Seeh Al Salam 1 and 2, Al Nasr 1 and 2, Hadaybit Asalem 1 and 2, Wadi Al Safa and Wadi Al Aweer.

Plays squarely to the strength of the breed – speed. In the UAE, we specialize in flat racing for Arabian and thoroughbred horses.

Zabeel Equestrian Offices manages Dubai Stable, our Thoroughbred Horse Training Stable for His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

We breed champions!

With more than 9 horse stables both for Endurance and Thoroughbred Racing, working together to breed champions.